Cabramatta West Public School

Work Together. Learn Together.

Telephone02 9724 3332

About our school

Cabramatta West Public School (CWPS) is a large school whose student population of 577 represents the broad and diverse multicultural nature of the local learning community it serves. Student welfare is integrated into all programs.

It includes the development of positive self-discipline and teaching and learning programs which actively involve children in their learning.

Early intervention in language and reading development is a key focus of our school's management plans. Subsequently our school is very well resourced to promote quality programs that will ensure success in these areas.

Students, parents and teachers work together as one learning community to ensure that all students in our care acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them to achieve, to participate fully in the life of the school and to positively contribute to and nurture, our society.

For further information on our school we have the CWPS information Booklet (PDF 2033KB) available for download.

Office hours

8:30am — 3:15pm.

Our vision

At Cabramatta West Public School we empower our learning community to strive towards a culture of excellence.

We aim to develop:

  • confident risk takers who approach all learning creatively, collaboratively and critically with a positive awareness of self
  • active participants who use their initiative to inspire, strengthen and nurture authentic learning partnerships in a dynamic world
  • reflective problem-solving citizens who contribute to and make connections globally.